The Show

00-IMG_2492For several years Marc Maghin has been working in the music world and has allowed him to meet and work with artists from different backgrounds.

Over time and encounters, the idea of ​​developing and producing live shows is imposed on him.
This is how the development of this first Disco Party Show project started in 2014.

The show was designed so that nothing is missing: the playlist provided, takes again the biggest disco tubes of the years 70/80. The atmosphere is guaranteed! Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, Chic and many more!


After imagining the project surrounding a solid team was the next step. était .

Their answer was immediate: a great YES!

Angelo Crisci on drums takes back with pleasure the titles that he has already played throughout his great career.
Alain Rinallo likes to put the atmosphere on stage and with his bass has fun to play a DISCO repertoire on which he danced before.
Chris Pons, the charismatic and phlegmatic guitarist of the group, pulls out his guitars to the maddening rhythm of his fetish titles.
And Chris Cerri, the discreet band, enjoys with his keyboards let his fingers twirl to the well-typed sounds of the 70s and 80s DISCO tubes.

Then comes the time to find talented singers and singers.

Marc Created a set up a duo of shock singers..

It remained to find the man, who would be able to sing Bee Gees like James Brown. It was obvious that we had to ask for the support of an exceptional man of stage Hugh Kanza is joining the adventure and is now our master of ceremonies.

With such a pleiad of musicians as professional and talented, the project could finally see the light of day!


00-IMG_2488Needless to create such a project if on stage, nothing DISCO appears!

It is then obvious that a decoration must be set up: balls with facets and consorts for a evening rhinestones and sequins! Everything is planned so that at the moment when the public discovers the scene, it plunges nothing but with the eyes already in the universe DISCO!

The artists are obviously put to contribution: no question of going on stage without the style DISCO! Wigs, short dresses, overalls, high boots, high-collar shirts, elephant leg pants and various accessories add to the decor the final touch for a totaly DISCO evening!

The ambiance can then spread in the room and plunge audiences both auditive and visual in the multicolored world of DISCO!

You will bathe in a festive atmosphere and you will dance until the end of the night!


00-IMG_2491The DISCO of the years 70-80

Who did not jump on Boney M, Bee Gees, James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Chic, Kool and the Gang, Donna Summer, Abba, Stevie Wonder, and So many others!

That’s all you can hear on stage with the DISCO PARTY SHOW!

Want to hear what they are capable of Click on the MEDIA tab, then VIDEOS and let yourself be carried away by this music!

See you soon !